Green Party leader “tried to influence police”

The joint leader of the Sweden's Green party personally tried to influence a police chief to cancel the deportation of a family in Gävle.

Eriksson called up the head of border control in Gävleborg, Willy Aflarenko, and appealed to him to delay the process so that the family would have the opportunity for another Board of Migration hearing under a new law which comes into force in November.

“He tried to get me to stop the expulsion of this family,” said Aflarenko to Swedish Radio’s Ekot programme.

“I think it’s bad that such a person rings a normal civil servant and tries to influence them. It’s wrong.”

Peter Eriksson admitted that he called to try and influence the police process and defended his actions.

“I think it’s fair that I express my views. I am not a minister,” he said.

On 7th November a new law will come into effect which will give certain asylum seekers who have already had their applications rejected the chance to apply for a new hearing.

The family in Gävle has now been deported and are now back in their homeland.

Was the politician wrong? Discuss!

TT/The Local