Rosenberg denies research cheating

Controversial feminist professor Tiina Rosenberg has denied that she plagiarised academic research.

“The accusations are without foundation,” she wrote in an email to TT, in which she also questions the credibility of her accuser, political scientist Johan Tralau.

In an opinion piece in the magazine Axess, Tralau claimed that Rosenberg had “cheated” and “plagiarised” in her research. He based his accusations on information from a five-year old review by Professor Emeritus Ingeborg Nordin Hennel.

The board of Feminist Initiative (FI), of which Rosenberg is a prominent member, writes in a message on its homepage that it continues to have faith in Rosenberg and will continue to support her.

FI also points to a written statement from Stockholm University’s director Kåre Bremer in which he calls Rosenberg “a well-qualified researcher who has earned the title of professor.”

He added:

“The claim that the university has allowed ‘gender politics to be put ahead of academic merit’ is completely false.”

TT/The Local

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