Sweden’s celebrity dentist turns 90

You won't find her name in Sweden's Who's Who yet almost every Swede knows who she is. Welcome to the wacky world of Alice Timander; the country's longest-serving famous-for-being-famous celebrity has reached the grand old age of 90.

In this day and age of reality TV, ordinary members of the public grace the glossy back pages and prolong their 15 minutes of fame to the max.

But Alice Timander has been walking the red carpet for years, attending high society parties in an array of garish home-made gowns.

This week she celebrated her 90th birthday with a bash at Stockholm’s Grand Hotel and the Swedish press captured the arrival of the pensioner’s favourite party princess.

“This is the best year of my life so far,” a radiant Alice told Expressen. “And now it can only get better.”

Beaming in a gold lamé creation, Sweden’s most celebrated party-goer once again walked the red carpet in her own animated style and was greeted by friends and family before the festivities began.

In 1936, at the age of 21, Alice became Sweden’s youngest female dentist and she ran her own successful practice on Stockholm’s Södermalm for 16 years.

From the humdrum of premolars by day, to star-studded premieres by night, her life has been as varied as her red carpet costumes.

“They have been up and down just like my life,” she told Sydsvenskan. “There was a time when I was poor that I bought two and a half metres of raffia. If I didn’t have any money I just let my fantasy run wild.”

With three marriages behind her, Alice is still on the look-out for number four. “I’d love to have a new man in my life, but more as a dear friend than anything sexual,” she says.

The author of six books says she hopes to write another in the near future. “I want to be able to say that I have been an adventurer who has enjoyed a rich life,” she says.