Man shot in kneecap in rape revenge attack

Four men and a woman have been charged with seriously assaulting a suspected rapist in an apparent revenge attack in Gothenburg.

The five were formally charged with serious assault, attempted blackmail and influencing the judicial process in Gothenburg district court on Thursday.

The rape is alleged to have taken place in the 25 year old woman’s apartment in Kungsbacka in August. She reported the incident to the police but the investigation was not pursued by the prosecutor.

But on the same night as the rape was supposed to have happened, the woman called for help from four friends to “punish” the suspect. They tricked the man into driving to a secluded spot in Hisingen.

There the man was knocked to the ground and seriously assaulted by all five people, according to the prosecutor. He was kicked and beaten with truncheons and stones on the head and body. He was shot in one knee with a pistol and finally the group tried to dump the man in a water pipe.

Before the five left the man at the scene, said the prosecutor, they demanded a fine of 100,000 kronor as a “fine” for the rape and threatened with death if he went to the police.

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TT/The Local