Powerful storms in the north of Sweden

Powerful autumn storms caused chaos in both Östersund and the Umeå area during Friday evening and night. In Östersund hundreds of households were without electricity, reported the local newspaper Östersunds-Posten.

A large passenger ferry broke loose from its mooring at 10.30pm on Friday in the strong gales and drifted towards the Vallsunds bridge.

“The bridge was shut off since we were worried that the ferry boat would hit the supports. But it ran aground and is now anchored,” said Bengt Stadin, spokesman at Östersund police, to TT.

In Umeå a horse trailer with six horses veered off the road on the E4 outside Lövånger just before midnight. One of the horses was so badly hurt he had to be put down. The other five horses were taken with an animal transport to the animal clinic.

“We have had very powerful gales and according to the driver who drove the transport it was a strong sidewind which caused the truck to overturn,” said Tommy Nilsson, spokesman at the Umeå police.

TT/The Local