Sweden and US to cooperate in space

Sweden's foreign minister Laila Freivalds and the American ambassador Teel Bivins have signed an agreement which breathes new life into cooperation between the Swedish National Space Board and NASA.

“Sweden and the US have for many years cooperated within the space research area. Earlier the cooperation has been agreed on a case by case basis,” said the secretary-general of the Swedish National Space Board, Per Tegnér.

“The new agreement is an umbrella agreement which at first will be valid for ten years making it much easier to come to an agreement on the various projects,” he added.

The new agreement, which was signed on Friday, will have most impact on the work at Esrange outside Kiruna and for the space research at Stockholm University.

There is already extensive cooperation between Swedish and American research groups. One example is the investigation of the planet Saturn where Swedish researchers have supplied the satellite Cassini/Huygens with an instrument.

Earlier this year Swedish and American atmosphere researchers together carried through a project (Magic) to look for particles from the cosmos.

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TT/The Local