Jails recruit “spies” to boost security

The Swedish Prison and Probation Administration has begun to recruit staff for a new organization designed to combat the growing criminal network inside prisons and jails.

This subsection of the Prison and Probation Administration is an indirect result of last summer’s extreme number of prisoner escapes, which sparked public awareness and strong criticism of the Swedish prison system.

”Prisoners already assume that there are spy activities in prisons, but now we can map out the risks and clarify them,” said Christer Isaksson, head of security for the Swedish Prison and Probation Administration, to Svenska Dagbladet.

Twenty specially trained liaisons will be based out of 12 of the country’s largest prisons.

The majority of those liaisons have already been reporting on security risks within those jails, but the new framework will allow for a more organized task force, with their managerial body based in Norrköping.

According to Isaksson, the organization will make activities inside prisons more apparent. ”If we can expose and follow violent actions and escape attempts early on, it will be a good investment,” he said.

Erin Earley

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