Ringholm’s club in tax turmoil

The football club Enskede IK, where Deputy Prime Minister Bosse Ringholm was, until recently, the club chairman, withheld 950,000 kronor in taxation during the period 2000-2004.

For much of that time, Ringholm was Sweden’s finance minister – and then sports minister.

The total figure is the result of an investigation by the Swedish National Tax Board, according to Swedish Radio, which spoke to sources involved in the finances of the club.

Trainers and players were allegedly paid “black”, or cash-in-hand, pension payments were not put in the accounts and sponsorship agreements were kept secret from the Tax Board – which meant that the advertising tax was not paid.

The entire salary of one trainer was recorded as “travel compensation”.

According to SR, the Tax Board that receipts for travel and for many other payments are missing.

Bosse Ringholm resigned as club chairman earlier this year.

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TT/The Local