June List ?Swedish Tories? ? Persson

Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has described new party the June List as a Swedish equivalent to the British Conservative Party. He said that he would sooner cooperate with the Feminist Initiative (FI) than the June List in a new parliament.

“I’m looking for a mandate for a Social Democratic government, but after the election we will have to be ready to cooperate,” he said.

“The June List does not yet have a programme, but my understanding is that the party is on the Right and is Eurosceptic – a counterpart to the British Tories – and if this is this case it would be hard [to cooperate with them],” he said during a visit to Örebro on Tuesday.

“FI is further to the Left. We could come to agreements on many of their demands,” he said.

But Persson was doubtful that he could cooperate with the Healthcare Party, which also has plans to field candidates in the general election.

“They seem more populist, demanding greater resources for healthcare at the same time as reduced taxes. I don’t believe they can come into parliament with a programme like that.”

Persson said he would like to continue his partnership with the Green Party who, he said, had shifted their position on a number of questions during the life of the current parliament.

“They’ve taken a more responsible position in defence policy, among other things,” he said.

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TT/The Local