No investigation into Rosenberg

Feminist professor Tiina Rosenberg will not face an investigation into her research, a committee at Stockholm University decided on Tuesday.

The debate about Rosenberg’s alleged research cheating was one of the reasons Rosenberg gave for leaving the board of Feminist Initiative (FI). She said it had become impossible to reconcile her political and academic work.

In a comment article in Axess magazine, political scientist Johan Tralaus accused Rosenberg of cheating in her research, pointing to her book Byxbegär (“Trouser Desire”). Tralau pointed to a review which showed that Rosengren had quoted Women in Man’s Clothes, by Dekker and van de Pol, word for word without giving a source.

The board of the humanities faculty at Stockholm University, where Rosenberg is a professor, tried the accusations on Tuesday. A preparatory evaluation had been done in advance the meeting, which showed that Rosenberg had referred to Dekker and van de Pol’s book as a pioneering work, and had named it in four notes. Members of the board also looked at the review, Tralaus’ article and the citation when Rosenberg was made a professor.

“My judgement is that the reference system that Rosenberg uses – a referring background chapter followed by an analysis which makes up the main part of the book – is not sufficient grounds for saying that plagiarism has occured,” wrote Kerstin Dahlbäck, dean of the committee.

“Her intention was not to use Dekker and van de Pol’s work in an inappropriate way.”

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