Dismay over drunk killer sentence

The Swedish Supreme Court (HD) has upheld a lower court’s sentence of one and a half-years’ imprisonment for a drunk driver who killed a grandmother and her grandchild in Flurmark, near Umeå in 2003.

The 62-year old grandmother had been out for a stroll with her 11-month-old granddaughter tucked in her pram. A 60-year old man with a blood alcohol level of 2.7ppm drove into them, killing both.

The Swedish Attorney General had appealed for a longer incarceration of at least three years claiming 18 months was too lenient.

The Supreme Court only reviewed the harshness of the sentence itself and not the merits of the case.

The maximum sentence for manslaughter is six years. The original 18-month-sentence was upheld by HD which stated,

“There is no evidence to prove [the 60-year-old driver] was in any way indifferent to the outcome of his actions. Consequently, the more severe end of the sentencing scale was not applicable.”

Folkpartiet reacted to the ruling by proclaiming that the law must be changed.

“It’s a sad day for the general public” Johan Pehrson, Chairman of Folkpartiet’s Justice Committee, told TT.

Johan Pehrson isn’t critical of the supreme court itself which has the responsibility to interpret the existing law. He maintains that the law regarding driving under the influence must change.

Pehrson said that manslaughter associated with driving while intoxicated should be considered more serious than it is today. In which case, the maximum extent of the punishment scale could be used.

“[This crime] could in fact have exacted a six-year sentence and it would have been in better taste to have used it in this case” Pehrson pointed out.


Sweden Democrat politician charged for dismembering colleague

The former politician has been charged on suspicion of murdering his colleague in an apartment south of Stockholm, after police found body parts in three different locations in the capital.

Sweden Democrat politician charged for dismembering colleague

According to the prosecution, the body parts found in plastic bags in central Stockholm came from a man in his 60s murdered in an apartment in Nyköping, south of Stockholm.

The man is said to have been killed by a pistol shot to the head, after which the 60-year-old charged with the murder dismembered the body.

The suspected murderer, who newspaper Expressen reports is a former Sweden Democrat politician, is said to have moved the body parts multiple times, eventually dumping them across the city.

In total, three body parts were found in two different locations – the Karlsberg canal and in the Djurgården park. Not all parts of the body have yet been found.

“We’ve carried out a comprehensive investigation into the victim and the suspect. We can, to some extent, show how and when the suspect moved the body parts,” prosecutor Marina Chirakova told TT.

The victim, who according to Expressen was also a former Sweden Democrat politician, had been friends with the suspected murderer for a number of years. Prosecutors did not comment on the motive behind the murder.

“That will be discussed in the main hearings,” she told TT.

The suspect was taken into custody in November last year after being arrested in Nyköping. He denies the charges, but accepts certain circumstances related to the case.

Upon his arrest, he resigned from his political obligations and his membership was frozen by the Sweden Democrats.

“I don’t want to comment on his stance on the charges or anything he has said,” she further told TT.

The murder is suspected to have taken place between August 30th and September 16th last year.