Coldest winter for ten years on its way

Brace yourself: it's going to be a cold winter.

In fact, the British Meteorological Office, which has just released its latest long term prognosis, is warning of the coldest winter in ten years for northern Europe.

“The last few years have been mild, and we’ve got used to that,” said meteorologist John Hammond to The Local.

“But this year the temperature will be below average for the first time in ten years,” he said.

And given that an “average” winter in Sweden is pretty chilly, it might be worth investing in an extra set of thermal underwear.

Hammond said that the prediction has a certainty of about 65% – which is accurate enough for forecasters to make a special warning.

“Obviously the coldest parts of Sweden this winter will be in the north, as always. But southern Sweden will see temperatures fall further below the average,” he said.

The prediction, which is for December, January and February, is based on the temperature of the North Atlantic and in the atmosphere. The Met Office research suggests that as well as being colder than average it will also be drier, with a weaker west wind than usual.

“We can’t say exactly how cold it will be. And we don’t know if it will be a white Christmas,” said Hammond.

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