Arson attack on Malmö mosque

The mosque in Malmö was the target of a new arson attack just before midnight on Friday. Several minor fires were started in the main building, but these were put out quickly by the emergency services after passers-by had spotted smoke coming out of the building.

One man was taken to hospital suffering from mild smoke injuries. The man was staying in the mosque temporarily for the Ramadan period and was sleeping in the building when the fire began.

Someone had broken into the building after smashing a window at the back.

“There were a small number of fires which we put out in the premises,” said Swen Krook, the duty fire officer.

The indications are that the fires were not accidental. Swen Krook said that there was some small-scale damage.

“It’s mostly smoke and soot damage,” he said.

Malmö police were on the scene by 1.30am and decided to begin immediately the technical investigation at the Mosque.

“This has the highest priority. It’s the same method as in September so we suspect that it could be the same perpetrator,” said Lars-Olof Anderberg at Skåne police to TT.

The attack is the second in less than five weeks. In the early hours of September 18th someone threw in a bottle containing flammable liquid, breaking on of the mosque’s windows. On that occasion the resulting fire was also doused before it could cause serious damage.

But in an arson attack in 2003 the mosque was damaged and other buildings at the Islamic centre were totally destroyed.

TT/The Local