Duck’s flu “not lethal variety”

Tests on a duck that died of bird flu in Sweden have shown that it was not infected by the strain of H5N1 that has killed more than 60 people in Asia, the Swedish press agency TT said Sunday, citing agricultural officials.

“The duck that died of the flu in Eskilstuna (west of Stockholm) carried the moderate variant of the virus, according to the results of analyses carried out by the National Veterinary Institute,” TT said.

“This indicates that the aggressive bird flu virus found in Asia and Russia that has reached Romania and Turkey was not present in this duck,” the agency said, citing the National Agricultural Directorate.

The National Veterinary Institute had reported late Saturday that the duck, one of seven found dead in Eskilstuna on Friday, tested positive for bird flu.

H5N1 has sparked global fears of a human pandemic in recent weeks as it surfaced in Russia and eastern Europe.