Centre Party sells newspaper group

Sweden’s Centre Party has confirmed that it is selling newspaper group Centertidningar AB to a consortium of four companies: Mittmedia Förvaltnings AB, Morgonpress Invest AB, Tidningsaktiebolaget Stampen and VLT AB.

The sale fetched 1.815 billion kronor, according to a press release from the party.

“Our newspapers have long been successful, but we think that a new owner is needed who can develop the papers in a way that keeps pace with changing media consumption and increasing competition,” said Centre Party leader Maud Olofsson in a press release.

“Having local owners strengthens the local content and the local presence. The sale gives us the resources to further develop the Centre Party’s opinion forming and to build a modern popular movement, at the same time as guaranteeing continuity in the papers’ leader pages.

“This strengthens all of us in the liberal family,” Olofsson added.

“The deal strengthens the local newspaper companies, increases their competitiveness and guarantees diversity.

“Maintaining the same political allegiance is positive for the papers’ development and coincides with the wishes of the sellers,” said Tomas Brunegård, managing director of the Tidningsaktiebolaget Stampen group.

Hang on, a party has just earned 2 billion kronor? Discuss!

TT/The Local