1,000 children evicted each year

Over 1,000 children in Sweden are evicted from their homes each year. Many of them go on to lead an unsettled, itinerant existence, according to the first nationwide survey of the problem.

On Friday the head of the government’s inquiry into the issue, Göran Johansson, presented his findings, reported Svenska Dagbladet.

Johansson stated that the social services often act late, while landlords and property companies have become tougher. They are quicker to kick people out following disturbances or late payments – even when the local social services has agreed to pay the rent.

Four out of ten landlords do not accept tenants on social benefits. That is even the case for council-run housing companies.

Evictions are taking place in all kinds of districts and the primary reason is unpaid rents – most commonly totalling less than 25,000 kronor.

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