Right increases lead in poll

An opinion poll published on Friday shows that the anti-establishment Eurosceptic June List would win seats in the Swedish parliament if an election were held today.

The Temo poll for Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenskan also shows that the centre-right Alliance has pulled ahead while voter support for the Social Democrats has fallen.

The four parties in the liberal-conservative alliance were supported by 50.9 percent of those questioned, while 42.6 percent said they would vote for the Social Democrats, Greens or Left Party. This gives the Alliance a lead of 8.3 percentage points.

The June List had the support 4.5 percent of voters according to Temo, which interviewed 2,489 people from 11th – 29th October.

Other parties together had support from only 1.5 percent of voters. Among these were the Feminist Initiative, the far-right Sweden Democrats and the Healthcare Party, all with very low support.

Sweden is due to go to the polls next September.

TT/The Local