Murderer shot in Stockholm

A convicted murderer has been shot dead outside a hotel in Stockholm in front of his ex-wife and eleven-year old son.

The 50-year old man, who was on weekend release from prison, was shot on Friday evening outside the Hotel Haga Kristineberg in the Kungsholmen district of the Swedish capital.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, the alarm was raised by the man’s son and former wife, who asked the hotel’s receptionist to call the emergency services. He was taken to hospital but medics were unable to save him.

“He was hit by at least two bullets,” said Sören Sjöholm, police inspector at Stockholm Police told TT.

According to his ex-wife, the gunman was masked and wearing a camouflage jacket. After shooting the man, he fled towards the city centre, she said.

Two men who were nearby at the time of the shooting were taken in for questioning. The pair, aged 39 and 29, were questioned by police overnight but a prosecutor decided early on Saturday morning that they should be released.

The murdered man was convicted four years ago for strangling an 18-year old athlete in Nacka, east of Stockholm. The woman was said to have had a promising future in a combat sport and was found dead outside a school. The man, who had been the woman’s trainer, was arrested the same day.

Finding the man guilty of murder, the court said it appeared that jealousy lay behind the young athlete’s killing.

Police are now investigating whether there are any links between Friday’s killing and the murder of which the man was convicted.

“That’s probably where we need to look to find the motive,” a police source told TT.

A forensic examination of the crime scene was undertaken on Friday night.

TT/The Local