Swedes killed in Spanish bus crash

A Norwegian tour guide and two Swedish tourists were killed Sunday and several others injured when the bus they were travelling in overturned on Tenerife, one of Spain's Canary islands.

The victims were heading to the island’s airport to take a flight back home to Sweden, according to Spanish national radio. The tour guide was aged 24 and the Swedes were a 40 year old woman and a 5 year old boy.

The accident happend on a motorway at the southern end of Tenerife island, near the town of San Miguel de Abona, when the bus went off the highway onto a service road and turned over in a car park of a gasoline station, crashing into several cars.

A man has been arrested on suspicion of causing the accident, according to the Spanish police. He is said to have had an alcohol blood level of 0.59 promille – double the amount allowed by Spanish traffic regulations.

The man was driving a small truck and as he overtook the bus, its driver was forced to brake suddenly, losing control over the vehicle and driving over the road towards a petrol station where it turned over and collided with parked cars.

The accident happened at around noon Swedish time. Apart from the Spanish driver and the Norwegian tour leader there were 28 Swedes on the bus, chartered by the travel companny Apollo. The bus was heading to the airport from where the Swedes, who come from the west and south of Sweden, were to take a plane back to Sturup airport.

In addition to the three fatalities, 23 other passengers on the bus were injured, six of whom including the driver were seriously hurt.