Man charged with repeatedly raping daughter

A man in his 50s who is suspected of hundreds of sexual attacks on his daughter was charged on Wednesday at Uddevalla district court. On two occasions the girl became pregnant.

The man has admitted to three attacks, one of which occurred after the law on sex-realted crimes was tightened up in April of this year, reported Swedish Radio West. He was charged with serious sexual abuse of a minor and child rape.

His admission to three incidents of intercourse came after a paternity test revealed that he was the father to his daughter’s child.

The attacks began soon after the man was given sole custody of his daughter in 2000. The girl was 11 years old.

From then on, according to prosecutor Per-Åke Kvarnström, the father had sex with his daughter on hundreds of occasions. When the girl was 13 she had a child. After the birth, social services staff visited the father and daughter but did not realise what was going on.

Two years later she became pregnant again but had an abortion and was then fitted with a coil.

The prosecutor maintains that the man, through regular sexual attacks which became part of the girl’s daily life and which continued even after the birth and abortion, showed an extraordinary degree of callousness and brutality.

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TT/The Local