Hunter injured by bear

An elk hunter was injured by a bear near in Dalarna on Sunday. His condition is not life-threatening, police say.

The 32-year old man was in woods just outside Älvdalen when the bear attacked

“He’s doing OK, and is only suffering from scratches and tears, but for safety’s sake we’re keeping him in overnight for observation at hospital in Mora,” said Ulf Persson, duty police commander in Dalarna.

Two shots were fired during the attack, and it was unclear whether the bear had been injured , so the other members of the hunting party spent Sunday afternoon looking for the animal. They were forced to call off the search at dusk.

The man was out with the hunting party when the bear attacked. The police were alerted just before two o’clock, and the man was taken to hospital in Mora.

This was the second bear attack against elk hunters in the region this weekend. On Saturday a bear was shot dead near Rättvik when it attacked a member of another hunting party. No people were injured in that attack.

It is very rare for agressive bears to kill people in Sweden, although last year a 40-year old man died in Nausta, near Jokkmokk, after being injured by an angry female bear when he went too close to her lair.

Before that, the last fatal bear attack was in 1902.