Sex with drunk woman classed as rape

Sweden's Supreme Court has increased the punishment of a 21 year old man who was found guilty of rape after he had sex with two young women while one was asleep and the other was blind drunk.

In doing so, the court applied for the first time the stricter line on this sort of offence taken by the law on sex-related crimes, reported Swedish Radio.

Under the old law, which was superseded at the end of March this year, the incident would probably have been classified as sexual harassment, which carries a lower sentence.

The man was sentenced to three years by the Supreme Court, despite the district court’s verdict of two and a half years. He was also instructed to pay 80,000 kronor to each of the women in compensation.

The man and the two women met in a bar in Stockholm and then went back to the women’s apartment, where he raped them. One of the women was helplessly drunk, while the other was sleeping and woke to find the man having sex with her.

Under the new law, the offence was classed as rape, since both the women were seen as being in a “state of helplessness”.

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TT/The Local