Volvo recalls 20,000 cars

Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars said on Thursday it had issued a recall for 20,000 cars, most of them in the United States, due to faulty wiring which can cause the engine to shortcircuit.

“It’s an electricity cable that goes to the engine. It can cause a shortcircuit … and in the worst case scenario lead to a fire in the engine,” Volvo Cars spokesman Christer Gustafsson told AFP.

Volvo said the models affected were the four-door sedan S80 and the XC90 suburban utility vehicle.

It recalled 10,300 cars in the United States, 1,000 in Britain, 500 in Germany and 300 in Sweden. The others were spread out across other markets.

Gustafsson said that owners of the affected cars would be contacted by mail

and offered repairs free of charge.