Swedish teen in ‘White House terror plot’

A Swedish teenager who is being held in Sarajevo suspected of terrorist offences has been identified by Bosnian police as a radical Islamist known by the code-name Maximus.

The 18-year old has had email contact with three men arrested in Britain suspected of planning an attack on the White House, police sources in the Bosnian capital told weekly newspaper Slobodna Bosna.

“There is definitely a link between Sweden, Denmark and Britain,” said Mirsad Fasic, a journalist at Slobodna Bosna.

“In the computer that was taken from the apartment rented by the Swede and the Dane with Turkish ancestry, there were pictures of the White House and films about bomb-making,” Fasic added.

The Swede and the 19-year old Dane were arrested in Sarajevo on 19th October. A belt of the type used by suicide bombers was one of the objects found in their flat. Police also found guns and 30 kilograms of explosives.

Seven people have since been arrested in Denmark, and three in the UK. They had had email contact with a Swedish Islamist known as Maximus – now known to be the 18-year old.

TT/The Local