Evacuation in Jönköping after new robbery

Securitas's central cash office in Jönköping was robbed this morning by several armed men. Four guards were locked up a car left at the scene is thought to have been wired with explosives.

Part of the town has been blocked off and residents are being evacuated, said Jönköping police.

“We have had an attack on one of our premises and police are on the scene,” confirmed Johan Eriksson, managing director at Securitas.

Police were alerted to the incident at 7.37am.

“The had driven a Chevrolet Pickup in the door. They also had a Saab and a Volkswagen Golf, I believe,” a witness told TT.

“Then they left in the Saab and the Golf. The whole thing was over in one or two minutes.”

According to the first reports to the police, four guards were threatened with automatic weapons, although no shots are thought to have been fired.

A car which is suspected of being the robbers’ escape vehicle has been found in the vicinity of the high school in Jönköping. Police are concerned that there are explosives in the car and have cordoned off the western part of the town centre.

“An evacuation is ongoing,” said Mikael Ehne at Jönköping police to TT at around 9am.

At the same time, a bomb disposal unit was on its way to investigate the vehicle.

The school is in the blocked-off area, along with apartments and commerical premises.

Between four and seven people were involved in the raid. Two escaped on a motorcycle and the others left the scene in another vehicle, according to a police press statement.

“What happened this morning was, from the robbers’ point of view, a failure. They only got hold of a very small amount.” said Johan Eriksson to TT.

Contrary to initial reports, he denied that any Securitas employees had been locked up in a vehicle.

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