Sweden is not immune to terror – Persson

Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson has said that Sweden should not consider itself immune to terrorist attacks like those which struck Jordan this week.

“I do not rule out Sweden also becoming a target for terrorists. That’s why we are taking the initiative to strengthen the tools at the police’s disposal,” he said.

Persson pointed to changes in Sweden’s laws on telephone tapping and DNA testing, as well as increased international anti-terrorism cooperation, as evidence of measures being taken by the country.

“It’s a difficult balance in relation to the protection of personal integrity, but we realise that we are dealing with crime of an international nature which spares no expense. We must be able to defend our open society,” said Persson after parliamentary questions on Thursday.

The Prime Minister called the attacks in Jordan “a further expression of the misery terrorism represents”.

“It is faceless violence which can strike anywhere among unprotected civilians, creating death, confusion and uncertainty in order to undermine the legitimacy of the state and democracy. It is an evil form of warfare which must be fought.”