Search for teenage diver called off

The Swedish Coastguard has called off the search for a 17-year old boy who went missing during a diving course in Trödje, near Gävle on Sweden's east coast.

“We have given up hope. The coastguard divers and the boy’s friends have been down several times to try to find him, but without result,” Mathias Hansson, deputy rescue leader at the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Gothenburg, told TT.

The boy went under the water with several other divers at lunchtime on Sunday. Shortly afterwards, his fellow divers noticed he was missing. After trying in vain to find him themselves, the group contacted the Search and Rescue service.

The search for the boy was called off late on Sunday afternoon.

A further two diving students who took part in the search have been taken to hospital displaying mild symptoms of the bends (aeroembolism).

According to the MRCC, the waters in the area where the boy disappeared do not have particularly strong currents. The police and the Search and Rescue service will decide on Monday how the investigation will continue.

TT/The Local