Systembolaget supplier: I know nothing

The vice managing director of alcohol wholesaler Vin-Trägårdh, one of the defendants in the ongoing Systembolaget corruption trial, has said that a notorious sales letter which was sent out to Systemet store managers was only intended for internal staff.

The letter, headed “It’s that time again”, included products which could be earned through a points system and encouragement to “go for it”.

But the vice MD said in court on Monday that he had no idea how the letter ended up in the hands of Systembolaget store managers.

“I have no explanation for that and I think it’s strange. Nobody at the company has said that they sent the letter. As far as I’m concerned it’s inexplicable,” he told the court.

Nor did he have an explanation for other documents from his company describing certain store managers as “being among our friends” – when his contact with Systembolaget was only with the head office and its purchasing department.

“I have no knowledge of why I’m sitting here, no knowledge of bribes or payments to shop managers,” he said in response to the prosecutor’s questions.

He said he had not heard of any money being paid to Systembolaget store managers.

The prosecutor in the Systembolaget trial enjoyed a small success before proceedings began on Monday. The court decided that an interview conducted earlier with the then managing director of Vin-Trägårdh could be read out in court, despite the fact that the all the defence lawyers declared themselves opposed to the idea.

It was in this interview that the MD explained all the payments as private loans to be repaid.

The prosecutor also managed at shourt notice to get hold of the police inspector who conducted the interrogation. Later, the MD said that he was under the influence of medication, but the policeman said that he seemed completely clear in the interview and did not mention any medication.

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