No pictures from Securitas camera

The investigation into Friday’s armed robbery at security firm Securitas’s depot in Jönköping received a setback on Tuesday when a security camera at the depot turned out not to contain any pictures.

“We have been told by Securitas that there are no pictures. I don’t know why that is – I don’t know whether the camera was not connected or whether this is due to something else,” said Lennart Gustafsson, who is leading the investigation at Jönköping police.

Parts of central Jönköping had to be evacuated during the robbery on Friday, in which four guards were threatened with automatic weapons and a car wired with explosives was left at the scene.

Gustafsson says the lack of footage is a major blow for the investigation.

“It would have been very good if we could have got some pictures.”

He said that police were now examining nearly 150 tips they had received from the public.

“We’ve been holding a number of interviews with witnesses, but at the moment we have no particularly strong leads.”

Two Saab cars believed to have been used in the robbery were found on Friday afternoon at a car park in Råslätt. Gustafsson says the cars could be important clues.

“The fact that we have the cars intact means we can look for leads. There are higher chances of finding something when the cars are intact.”

The robber who drove a pickup that was used to ram the depot wall is believed to have been injured.

“Our information is that the driver sustained a blow, but we have so far not found any traces of blood.”

Police are unsure how many robbers were involved in the heist.

“We are sure that there were at least six of them – the two who were seen in the car carrying the bomb and the two who were seen at the robbery itself,” says Gustafsson.

Police are looking for a red motorbike which came out of the car with the bomb and was seen heading towards Huskvarna.

TT/The Local