20,000 households without electricity

Over 20,000 households in Sweden are still without electricity after powerful winds swept across Sweden overnight.

Two people are known to have died and in Värmland train traffic came to a halt after a power failure.

The winds were strongest in Västra Götaland and parts of Svealand, reaching speeds of 32 metres per second in places.

An 84 year old man drowned in Lake Vättern, near Husqvarna, when he was out fishing in the stormy weather, reported Expressen. As the weather worsened, the man’s son became worried and went to look for him. He found the boat empty and emergency services later found the man’s body.

In Pjätteryd, outside Älmhult, a man in his 50s died as he attempted to clear away trees that had been blown over.

According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, the worst of the weather has passed. However, forecasters warned that as the storm drifted east across the Baltic, Åland and the east coast archipelago would experience high winds and choppy seas.

By Tuesday morning, 22,500 households were still without electricity. Most of those were Eon customers and based in south-western Sweden and in the Jönköping, Kalmar and Kronoberg districts.

The company said that the majority should be reconnected by 6pm on Tuesday.