Swedish workers “lack motivation”

Swedes are unmotivated at work, a new survey has shown, and the consensual Swedish management style could be to blame.

The survey by consultancy firm CFI Group, shows that Swedes are less motivated at work than Danes, Norwegians or Finns.

The 14,000 people who took part in the survey were asked a series of questions intended to measure their motivation. The results showed that Danes were the most motivated workers in the Nordics, with the Swedes appearing to be less happy in the workplace.

The situation was particularly bad among workers in the post and telecoms sector, who emerged as Sweden’s least motivated workers. Workers in banking and insurance were the best motivated.

Mats Frid, managing director of CFI Sweden, blames Sweden’s consensual management style for the lack of drive among workers.

“Swedish managers involve workers, which is good,” he told The Local, “ but by doing this you also lose clarity.”

According to the survey the factor that motivates people most is the content of their daily work. Management was viewed as the least important driver of motivation.

“I was surprised that management came so low,” says Frid.

The key to getting people more motivated is to improve the leadership in Swedish companies.

“Swedish companies are not particuarly good at communicating vision and targets,” he says.

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