Petrol sales down

Swedish petrol sales decreased in October for the second month running, according to figures fro the Swedish Petroleum Institute released on Thursday.

High prices at the pump could be one explanation, reported the SPI. But petrol prices have actually been decreasing in recent months, falling by 1 krona from the record levels recorded earlier in the year.

On Friday petrol prices fell by another 8 öre per litre, putting the the current price at 11.23 kronor per litre. Sales in October fell 2.4 per cent compared to the same month in the previous year and in September sales were down 1.5 per cent, according to SPI.

“The high petrol prices is a possible explanation to the decrease in sales”, said SPI’s Chief Executive in a press release. In the same period, diesel sales are improving and increased with up to 2 per cent last October. So far this year, diesel sales have increased by 6 per cent.

Jenny Lepley/TT