Stockholm theatre to premiere unknown Nobel play

A previously unknown play written by Alfred Nobel, the creator of the prestigious Nobel prizes, will premiere in Stockholm on the same day this year's awards are distributed, a theatre said on Wednesday.

The play, “Nemesis”, will be performed for the first time on December 10th, the anniversary of Nobel’s death and the same day as most of this year’s Nobel laureates gather for a lavish banquet in Stockholm’s city hall.

“Who was to know that the world-renowned donator had his own literary and dramatic ambitions?” the August Strindberg Intima Theatre said in a statement.

The play, printed shortly before Nobel’s death in 1896, is about “violence, sex, torture, deceit, forbidden lusts, revenge and religious fanaticism,” according to the theatre.

It was considered so controversial by the great man’s relatives that they burned most of the manuscripts, but a few editions were spared, the statement added.