Swedish court charges 16 with human trafficking

Sixteen people were charged with human trafficking and procuring in a Swedish court on Wednesday for selling two Slovakian women and forcing them into prostitution, according to judicial documents.

The 16 were citizens of Sweden, Slovakia, Serbia-Montenegro, Syria and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and at least one of them was a woman, according to the charge sheet, a copy of which was obtained by AFP.

They are suspected of human trafficking, accessory to human trafficking and procuring.

In March and April, two Slovakian women, named as Lenka, 20, and Martina, 28, were allegedly recruited in their country and brought to Sweden, where they were sold for 7,000 kronor and 5,000 kronor respectively by two of the accused.

From April 1 to 11, according to the charges, the women were forced to prostitute themselves. Almost all the money they made was taken by the accused, and their passports were confiscated.

Swedish prosecutor Magnus Elving told AFP that wiretaps had helped police intervene in the affair.