Over 200 Swedes jailed abroad

Drugs offences, violence and murder are the most common reasons for Swedes being jailed abroad.

Around 220 Swedes are in prison or on remand in foreign prisons. The most incarcerated Swedes are in Spain, according to a joint report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish embassies and prison services in Scandinavia which was acquired by Metro.

Around 1,000 Swedes are found guilty of crimes abroad every year but the misdemeanours are rarely so serious that they lead to prison. But when they do, the most common reason is drugs offences.

Outside Scandinavia, there are 85 Swedes serving prison sentences for drugs offences. There are 32 Swedes in prisons in other Nordic countries for a variety of crimes.

Murder, manslaughter and attempted murder are the next most common reasons for Swedes being jailed abroad, with 15 currently behind foreign bars.

Ten Swedes are currently serving sentences abroad for sex-related crimes.

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