Landlord secretly filmed female tenant in the bath

A landlord from Blekinge has been given a conditional jail sentence and 100 hours of community service for setting up a video camera in a female tenant's bathroom and recording tapes of her.

Using the video camera itself was not found to be a punishable offence. Instead, he was found guilty of unlawfully entering the woman’s apartment to set up the camera.

However, the court still managed to pin a charge of sexual harassment on the man, finding him guilty of placing an imitation penis in the woman’s letter box.

The camera was fitted in the bathroom air vent and directed at the woman’s bath tub. It was linked via a long cable, which went up through the attic and then down into a store room in the basement, to a video recorder.

The man admitted that he set up the camera, but claimed that it was put above the woman’s apartment to check that residents cleared up their dogs’ droppings.

He said that the camera must have fallen down into the woman’s bathroom, an explanation which the court unanimously rejected.

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