SAS employees caught smuggling

On several occasions in the past year, people travelling on SAS staff tickets have been caught trying to smuggle large quantities of counterfeit goods through Swedish customs.

The individuals have been travelling on so-called ‘ID-tickets’, which may only be bought by SAS employees or their relatives.

Anders Alpsten, the assistant director of operations at Arlanda, confirmed to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that several arrests had been made in connection with this method of smuggling.

The most common pirated goods which SAS staff or their relatives have been bringing into the country are sports clothes from Puma or Nike, and down jackets bearing the Canada Goose label.

The earnings on one suitcase of 100 Nike sweaters can be up to 14,000 kronor, said the paper.

Bringing fake goods home from abroad is allowed only if they are for private use and the total value is no higher than 1,700 kronor. Taking goods worth more than that through customs is considered to be smuggling and the goods will be confiscated.

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