Electricians call off strike

A strike by the Swedish Electricians Union has been called off after the union agreed a deal with energy companies.

Some members of the union had gone on strike on Friday morning after they had failed to come to agreement over the union’s right to take action against foreign companies that become temporary members of employers’ organisation EFA while carrying out short-terms jobs in Sweden.

Both sides said that they were happy with the final offer put forward by arbitrators.

“I’m glad that we’ve managed to bring harmony back to the workplace,” said Ronny Wenngren, chief negotiator for the union.

The EFA’s chief executive Björn Tibell said that the whole conflict had been unnecessary.

“But we think that this is a fully acceptable solution. The substance of the agreement matches exactly what we offered the electricians a month ago.”

Only about 60 members of the union had walked out on Friday morning, and both the union and employers say the practical effects of the industrial action had been minimal.

TT/The Local