Prison guard “bribed with chocolate and cheese”

A prison officer at a jail in Västmanland has been charged with corruption. He is accused of accepting a Kex chocolate bar and some feta cheese from a prisoner.

According to the prosecution papers, the prison officer has disregarded his duty to avoid a relationship of dependency between himself and the prisoner.

“The judgement is important in principle,” said public prosecutor Nils-Eric Schultz, at the National Anti-Corruption Unit, to TV4.

Kexchoklad, a chocolate wafer bar, has long been a favourite confection of Swedes. It comes in 25g, 39g, 55g and 100g sizes, as well as bags of bite-sized bars.

It was unclear which size was used to tempt the prison officer, but the total value of the bribe was calculated to be 190 kronor.

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