Top Left official quits over vote list

A senior official in the Left Party has quit the party’s management after a row over how far the party should cooperate with other parties in a local election in Uddevalla.

Ulla Hoffmann, second deputy chairman of the Left Party, quit after the party reversed a decision forbidding its candidates in Uddevalla from appearing on a joint electoral list with Greens and independents.

The party’s management committee had decided on Saturday to say no to a cooperation with other parties, but on Monday the Left Party board offered “support and resources” for an ‘open’ electorial list.

Hoffmann therefore decided to leave her post on the management with immediate effect. She told Svenska Dagbladet that she was the only member of the management who wanted to stick to the original decision.

“As far as I’m concerned there is sufficient basis for me to say that we should not accept a cooperation during elections in Uddevalla,” she told Svenska Dagbladet.

Press spokeswoman Hediye Güzel said party leader Lars Ohly was sorry that Hoffmann was quitting, and added that he was surprised by her decision given that the party is due to choose a new board at its conference in Gothenburg in three weeks. Ulla Hoffmann, who is herself a member of the board, is up for re-election at the meeting.

Mats Einarsson, a Left Party MP and board member, who is covering for party secretary Pernilla Zethraeus who is ill, said he was also puzzled by Hoffmann’s move:

“I consider that the decision made by the board was exactly the decision that had been recommended by the management.

According to Einarsson the decision means that the board had not approved the plans submitted by the Uddevalla branch for a joint electoral list. At the same time, the board said it would provide resources to draw up a Left Party list that is open to people who are not party members.

Einarsson says he does not believe that Hoffmann’s resignation from the management will affect her chances of being re-elected to the board.

TT/The Local