Neck and neck between political blocks

According to the latest analysis of voter intentions the conservative alliance would win between 46.4% and 48.8% of the vote if an election were held today, while the Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens would pick up between 45.6% and 48.2%.

The remaining parties have increased their support to 5.5%, according to the Statistics Sweden’s research.

Compared with the results from May 2005, the Moderates’ share of voter support has fallen by between 0.7% and 3.1%. There has also been a marked increase in backing for the Social Democrats’ of between 1.1% and 3.8% since the last survey.

Some of that extra support has been snatched from the Moderates and the Left Party, but the greatest shift is among formerly undecided voters heading back to the Social Democrat fold.

The Greens are not certain of breaking through the 4% threshold necessary to take seats in parliament, while support for the Feminist Initiative has halved in the last six months. If an election were held today, FI would pick up only 0.8% of the vote.

However, another ‘special interest’ party, the Eurosceptic June List, has almost quadrupled its support to 3.5% since May.

The research was based on a random sample of 9,242 people of whom just under 25% declined to respond. It was carried out between October 31st and November 24th.

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