Saucy Christmas card “badly misjudged”

A Swedish politician has been accused of "very poor judgement" after sending out a saucy Christmas card to colleagues and fellow politicians.

On the front of the card was drawn a line of dancing, bare-breasted woman in fishnet stockings. And in the middle of the line was the man himself, Moderate Party councillor Göran Holm, dressed up as a blue-clad elf saying “I like equality and low local taxes”.

“Pure toilet humour,” said Social Democrat councillor Ilmar Reepalu, one of the recipients of the card.

“What Göran Holm does in private is one thing, but when it’s an offical card, paid for with taxpayers’ money, then it’s badly misjudged.”

But Göran Holm is not about to withdraw his Christmas tidings – or his method of communicating them.

“It’s one way of starting a little feminist debate,” he said.

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