Randy shark banished after harassing female

Linus the Zebra Shark has been transferred from Gothenburg's Universeum to the Tropikarium in Kolmården after harassing his female companion Lina.

The 2.4 metre long shark was said to be “rather unruly” as he was lifted out of his aquarium and carried 25 metres on a stretcher to the waiting truck.

Lovestruck zebra sharks tend to bite the tail fins of females. Linus was apparently eager for some action with Lina, who was having none of it. As a result, she had developed skin irritations one her fin.

Linus has been banished to Kolmården to give Lina time to recover and get ready, physically and psychologically, for mating. In a year the randy shark will be allowed back.

“He has been starved for a week,” said Universeum’s wildlife manager Jan Westin, to TT.

“We didn’t want him to throw up in the water during the journey.”

While Linus is away, Lina will enjoy the calmer company of Florence, another female shark who is being transferred from Kolmården’s Tropikarium.

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