Man injured in family axe attack

A 20 year old man is in hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries after he was attacked with an axe during a family dispute in Skene, south of Borås, on Christmas Eve.

The man’s father was also assaulted. The older man’s wife, a 43 year old woman, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The incident took place at around 11pm, according to the local paper, Borås Tidning. Sources reported that the woman and the 20 year old were quarreling. But the row escalated to the point where the woman dealt him three blows with an axe.

When the father tried to come between them, he was also hit with the axe.

According to newspaper GT, the 20 year old’s girlfriend witnessed the incident. Police in Västra Götaland were investigating the matter on Christmas Day but have declined to comment on how the brawl began.

“We are interviewing everyone who was involved,” said Gothenburg duty officer Anders Börjesson to TT.

“The investigation at the scene of the crime is not yet complete.”