Larsson to return to Swedish football

Footballer Henrik Larsson is leaving FC Barcelona in the summer of 2006 to return to his native Sweden, he said in an interview published on Tuesday.

“I am going home in the summer,” Larsson told the tabloid Expressen.

Larsson will move into his newly-completed house in Helsingborg and play for the local club, as well as the Swedish national team, while he waits for new offers.

“Interested clubs can contact my agent. Then I will evaluate the offers and decide,” he told the paper.

Barcelona had offered to extend Larsson’s contract for another year, for a reported 18 million kronor, and the striker announced in October that he would accept, but then changed his mind.

“After two years in Barcelona it feels right to come home,” said Larsson, whose stint at the Spanish superclub was marked by lengthy injury periods and competition with Barcelona’s other world-class strikers, meaning he spent much time on the subsitute bench.

But former Celtic striker Larsson, who is a favourite of Barcelona’s home crowd and scored five times in 20 matches, said he was not bitter about being mostly a substitute.

“I am not bitter,” he said. “But everyone on the bench wants more match time. I am no exception.”

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