Ten years’ jail for Kirseberg murder

Two men aged 19 and 20 have been found guilty of the murder of a 41 year old man in the Kirseberg area of Malmö. The 20 year old was sentenced to ten years in prison by Malmö district court while his younger accomplice was given nine years.

The 41 year old was found dead in his home in Kirseberg on June 5th. He had tape over his mouth and a knotted plastic bag over his head.

In the hours after the murder a young man was filmed on a CCTV camera withdrawing money using the victim’s bank card. That led police to the men who were eventually sentenced on Tuesday.

The 20 year old had had a sexual relationship with the 41 year old and police had established a detailed record of their contact.

It was the 19 year old’s testimony that formed the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. He asserted that he had gone to the 41 year old’s home to steal an expensive computer and he described the 20 year old as the driving force behind the murder.

But the 20 year old denied that he had been at the scene and claimed that the murder was committed by the 19 year old and another friend.

The court rejected that argument and instead chose to believe the 19 year old who, during the trial, related in detail how the murder was carried out. According to the court, he had a secondary role in the affair.

If the 20 year old had been one year older at the time of the murder, he would have been sentenced to life imprisonment, said the court.

TT/The Local