Girl sent to wrong country in flight mix-up

A nine year old girl on her first flight alone thought she was heading to meet her father in Germany where they were to celebrate Christmas together. But airline SAS got her mixed up with another girl of a similar age and packed her off to Luxembourg instead.

The nine year old from Ystad was left at Kastrup airport on Friday morning where she was to be put on a flight to Hanover. A few hours later the girl’s father rang wondering if she had not been able to get a seat on the plane.

“He had seen another little girl but she wasn’t our daughter,” the mother told newspaper Sydsvenskan.

When the father raised the alarm the girl was quickly traced to Luxembourg. She had been switched with the other girl who was supposed to be on her way from Helsinki to Luxembourg.

The father was flown to Luxembourg to meet his daughter, who was apparently quite calm about the whole mix-up.

“They were asking me questions in German,” said the girl.

“But that was no problem because I understand and can write German. Then I got some nice food. They were kind and I was never scared.”

The father is now demanding a full explanation from SAS, who have admitted responsibility for the mistake.

“This should not happen. But somehow the papers have been mixed up. And of course it was hard for the children themselves to know which plane they were on,” said Jens Langergaard, the press officer at SAS.