Man sexually abused “at least sixty girls”

A 30 year old man has appeared in court in Malmö on suspicion of sexually abusing at least 60 girls, the youngest of whom was only twelve. He faces charges of rape, serious sexual abuse of minors and sexual harassment.

The crimes are said to have taken place between 1999 and 2004.

Under the name of Alexandra the man was able to contact girls across the country on the internet. He is alleged to have persuaded the girls to pose for pictures via the internet and to have met several whom he then sexually abused.

Police began investigating the man when two girls reported him for rape in January 2005. They alleged that he was also involved in a large dating and escort operation. When the man was arrested and his computer confiscated, police found a register of young girls.

“He has kept a database with profiles containing details of the girls, photos, height, sexual preferences and other things. This was all saved. We found 150 profiles of this sort,” said prosecutor Ulrika Rogland.

According to the prosecutor the man has been “unbelievably manipulative” in his contact with the girls. He is a charming and “socially talented” person, said the prosecutor, who adjusts himself to his victims.

“He has worked out a way of contacting youngsters and talking to them about things they are interested in, making them feel solidarity and confidence,” said Ulrika Rogland.

The man also adapted his method of luring the girls, beyond just offering money.

“Some of them have been promised expensive dinners, rooms in luxury hotels, sometimes furs and other little luxury items.”

TT/The Local