Southern Sweden braced for snowstorms

Wednesday afternoon and evening are expected to bring strong winds and heavy snowfalls to the south of Sweden. Forecasters say that the bad weather will cause chaos on the roads.

By lunchtime on Wednesday a good deal of snow had already covered the south and the Swedish Roads Agency warned on its web site that driving conditions were treacherous in many areas.

“It’s snowing all the way up the east coast, from Skåne up to the southern part of Norrland,” said Håkan Hultberg, meteorologist at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute at about 1pm.

But that’s nothing compared to what is expected, he said.

“There’s some nasty weather over Poland and Germany at the moment, but it’s on its way north.”

When it reaches Skåne on Wednesday evening it is expected to bring powerful winds.

“Combined with the snowfall it will create a lot of snow drifts, primarily on the plains and open areas,” said Hultberg.

The snowy weather will move across the whole of the Götaland and Svealand regions on Thursday. In Skåne the authorities are ready for the consequences of the weather. SOS Alarm, the emergency services, Skåne’s medical disaster teams and the police are in the process of massive preparation procedures, according to the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Some 30 all-terrain vehicles have been prepared for reaching people who fall ill at home or who are involved in traffic accidents in inaccessible areas.