Man dies after Malmö shooting

A 21 year old man who was found on a Malmö street yesterday morning suffering from serious gunshot wounds has died, said doctors at the University Hospital in Lund.

The man had been shot in the head. He died late on Wednesday evening.

The police’s theory is that the man shot himself – either intentionally or by accident.

“There is nothing to suggest that someone else shot the man,” said the head of the investigation, Per Lidehäll.

The shooting was heard by several residents on Hantverkargatan in central Malmö. They say they heard two shots and the man was seen running before collapsing between two parked cars on the street.

Beside him was a handgun which police say he “probably used”. Police have not revealed the details of the weapon.

“We are continuing our investigation and are awaiting answers from the forensic examination,” said Lidehäll.

The man came from Halland and it is still unclear why he was in Malmö. He was known to police as a petty criminal.